Donation Policy (from DePaul handbook):
For information on potential donations of catering by restaurateurs, please see the Catering Donations policy.
Donations of food for student organizations may be arranged in certain circumstances. For more information, contact the Director of the Student Centers at (773) 325-7346. A Catering Donation Request form and a catering letter from the donating organization must be filled out at least 7 days before the event. For more information, please see the Catering Donations policy on the Student Centers Campus Connect website.
Monetary donations for the purpose of purchasing food and beverages are not considered catering donations, and must conform to the university's Catering Services Exclusivity policy.
A student organization that is receiving a food/beverage donation for an event must register and have that donation approved by the Director of Student Centers. (S)he must review, approve and acknowledge the donation, failure to do so will result in a catering violation. Please see the Catering Donations policy on the Student Centers Campus Connect website.
The sponsoring student organization that is receiving the food/beverage donation must complete the "Catering Donations Request Form" located at the link below or on the Student Center website, and send it to the Director of Student Centers at least one week in advance of the event. In addition, the donating restaurant is required to complete a brief statement of donation (Catering Donations Letter) no later than one week in advance, also found in the link below and on the Student Centers website, including information on the handling of prepared foods, and send that at least one week in advance to the Student Centers' administration. A return response will then be given to the sponsoring/student organization department.
Donations of food items for resale/fundraising purposes are allowed only if it is not necessary to heat or cool the item for safe consumption.
DePaul University departments are not eligible to receive food or beverage, (including alcohol), donations of any kind.
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